COLECT is a revolutionary token fully-driven by the community. It’s the first meme-tokens collecting token.
Instead of being just one more token that sends out reflections of itself to token holders, a portion of every COLECT transaction will be sent to the meme wallet (held safe in a multi-signature wallet).
Twice a month (on the 15th and last day of every month*), the community is going to decide which token they want to receive as a reward, distributed as an airdrop the following week.
A snapshot of all the wallets holding COLECT is taken on a random day during the voting week.
The community-chosen token will be bought with the funds in the meme wallet and airdropped to all COLECT holders based on the percentage of COLECT tokens held at the moment of the snapshot.

*The meme distribution time frame is subject to change based on community feedback.